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Aparajeyo Bangla – Aparajeyo Bangla Sculpture in Dhaka University

There are many kinds of useful place in Dhaka capital city of Bangladesh. So, Aparajeyo Bangla is one of them which is actually sculptures. That is devoted to the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.
Most of the people know Dhaka University Campus for this sculpture. This is located in front to the Faculty of Arts Building.

This aparajeyo Bangla Dhaka University has built according to Syed Abdullah Khalid’s design and superintendence of the DUCSU Authority which is a good sculptor.

Not only Bangladesh people but also people of another country know about this sculpture. At first, it was 3 feet long sculpture, but Dackshu Authority broke down it. This is built toughened concrete with a 4-inch coating to a height of up to 11 feet.

Then it started working on Aparajeyo Bangla Project, but it stopped in August 1975 when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was murdered. But its construction started in January 1979 to in December 1979.

Left side sculpture is a lady who is a nurse, and middle sculpture is a farmer who has carried a rifle.

On the other hand, right side refers who a student to hold a rifle in his hand is. Actually, this sculpture is built for representing youth. Included lady sculpture was a model, and her name is Hasina Ahamed, and she was a housewife.

Therefore, the farmer model Badrul Alam Banu was a student of the art department. Besides, student sculpture model Sayed Hamid Maksud and he were another students of the University of Dhaka.

On this sculpture, a documentary film was made on the 40th anniversary of Bangladesh independence in 2011. Director of this film was Saiful Wadud Helal and produced by Shafiul Wadud.

Anyway, have you seen this Aparajeyo Bangla? If no, then you should visit this place. The most important matter is, this sculpture is a great lesson for youth.

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