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National Museum of Dhaka in Bangladesh

There are many kinds of place at Dhaka in Bangladesh. That place is so amazing and attractive where almost day people visit in that location.

Besides, there are many kinds of Bangladesh Museum, but National Museum Dhaka is one of them. Of course, most of the people know about it. It has included history, culture, and tradition of Bangladesh so that all ages people can know about past and present.

It was founded on 7 August 1913, and then it became as the national museum of Bangladesh on 17 November 1983. This is located at Shahbag in Dhaka.

Its form and display were done with nicely as well as it has included a department of ethnography, decorative art, department of history, classical art, natural history department, contemporary and world civilization and many others department.

There is included Bangladeshi map, different kinds of trees, animals, rocks, tribal life, minerals, Sunderbans, various coins as well as ancient ages architectures on the First floor.

On the other hand, the 2nd floor is carried porcelain handicrafts, puppets, musical instruments, clothes, apparels, embroidered attention-grabbing bed cover, manuscripts, contemporary and also Bangladeshi weapons.

Besides, other floors are also carried beautiful things which are really eye-catching.

National Museum bd has added rich conservation laboratory.

There is also added metal, stone, wooden sculptures, in gold, silver, copper coins and so on. Besides, there is included auditoriums, photographic gallery, exhibition hall and so on.

Moreover, fascinating painting collection is organized here so that visitor will be impressed.

National museum of natural history refers flora and fauna like as herbal medicines, cereals and another plants, birds, sea life of the Bay of Bengal, Sundarbans, mangrove forest and so on.

Opening and Closing Time:

The national museum schedule is opened within full weeks from 10:30 to 5:30 without Thursday. That means Thursday has closed it. Sometimes the museum organizes workshops, seminar, training, etc. The unique collection is done for national museum of science and technology.

Anyway, national museum Dhaka is a really fantastic place. If anybody comes to visit, then they will sink in its every department. Then today make planning to visit!

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