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Ramna Park – Recreation Park in Dhaka, Bangladesh

To spend few time freely, an entertainment place is necessary. But there are many places in Bangladesh which are really eye-catching.

Same as Ramna Park is one of them that is a large park. This is located at heart of Dhaka, and that is recreation area to all. This place is so beautiful as well as there are many kinds of trees with a lovely lake.

If anybody visits here, then they can’t return to their home. Almost day people visit in this place. This place is one of the beautiful during summer and spring.

Then now a question can come into your mind that is this place not good for winter or rain? Of course, winter time feels comfortable with the sun. During the summer season, fresh air clean mind and health.

More people is gathered there in the morning to do exercise with fresh air in the Ramna Park.

During Mughal rule, Dhaka was founded by Subehdar Islam Khan Under Emperor Jahangir. Even at that time, 2 excellent residential places were developed in the northern. There were built new residential houses, mosques, gardens, tombs, temples, etc in this area.

Ramna started to regain again since 1825. When Mr. Dowes who is a British collector of Dhaka began a series for the development of steps.

Then he cleared up the demolished and bushes most tombs as well as monuments without Ramna Kali Mandir. Ramna Green name has kept to renovated area.

After that Nawabs had developed that area as a beautiful garden. That is a part of Shahbagh which is a royal garden. Not only that Ramna zoo was set up by Nawab.  Since that time this place has developed.

How Many Trees In The Ramna Park?

But now Ramna Park is one of the most beautiful places. Lake of this place covers 8.76 acres. This place grows 71 species of flowering trees shrubs, annuals, perennials, etc. Besides, there is also included 36 species fruit bearing plant, 33 species medicinal plant, 41 species of forestry and 11 other species.

For visitor’s convenience, walkways inside have widened. Besides, for entry from different sides, five new gates are included.

This Beautiful Ramna Park is perfect for relaxation. Then are you visit this place?

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