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Shaheed Minar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

During Bengali language movement in 1952, Central Shaheed Minar Dhaka Bangladesh is established to memorialize those people killed.

This is a national monument in Bangladesh, and this is located in Dhaka University area and near Dhaka Medical College. This is also adjacent to the Mathematics department of Dhaka University. This is a distance from Chankharpul and 0.5 kilometers away from Shahbag.

Actually incident happened inside of Dhaka medical college hospital. Then to build this Minar, the decision had taken.

Then making for planning started on 22 February at midnight and next day the work started. It was sponsored by Pearu sarder who is one of the old Dhaka panchayet sarders.

For the political problem, many students killed on 21 February 1952. Bangladeshi sculptors Hamidur Rahman designed it in cooperation with Novera Ahmed. Then it had completed in 1963. When Bangladesh gained independence, then it was again built to expand in 1983.

After that, all national, mourning, cultural, at present and other activities have held each year to memorialize them on 21 February.

Recognized of Central Shaheed Minar

Even that has recognized as International Mother Language Day since 21 February 2000. When many students and others were demanding for mother tongue, then Pakistani police fired on Bengali protestors.

Central Shahid Minar Dhaka Bangladesh looks at very beautiful and mesmerizing which is a historical place.

How looks this now?

Furthermore, this is a really outstanding national monument. To represent the mother with her fallen sons, the excellent design has included a half circular arrangement of columns.

That is actually standing on the monument’s central dais as well as the red sun which is shining behind. This Shaheed Minar Bangladesh made with marble stones to a height of 14 metres. Every year people remember every year on 21st February.

Anyway, Shaheed Minar is one of the most important monuments of Dhaka and well-maintain monuments. If you don’t visit to see it, then you should visit.

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