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Teacher-Student Centre, University of Dhaka

Dhaka University is one of the biggest university in Bangladesh. This place has recognized as Oxford of The East which is established in 1921.

This is located with covering a significant area of Dhaka city in Shahbagh. There are many places on Dhaka University which are attractive. So, TSC (Teacher-student center) is called as student affairs of Dhaka Division.

This TSC Dhaka University was financed by Pakistan Government and Ford Foundation.

At first, this campus arranged various things journals, scheduled, bulletins published, competitions held, etc. On the other hand, students involved to help during devastating food in 1987 and Sidar in 2007.

Its main complex building has constructed with various types of recreational as well as cultural facilities.

The teacher-student centre has included an auditorium, library, cafeteria, reading room, art and music room for clubs or stages, provision store, film lab, rehearsal rooms, multipurpose hall, swimming pool, bank, and bookshop, etc.

It has a central cafe of the Dhaka University which is included back to the statue of Shuparjito Shadinota. This statue is really memorable for our country.

This is the best place for students for important discussion, study circle, procession as well as on the other hand this is an event for contemporary socio-cultural or political issues.

To improve education level, the student selects this place. Generally, TSC is excellent which also keeps great contribution in socio-cultural development.

Besides, teacher-student centre is also a great movement for democracy. They involve in “Adda” beside of study. Actually, this is a recreational centre of Dhaka University.

Students of another campus also visit this place, and they enjoy with their friends. At present, there has built different kinds of the Institute.

Would you like to see this place? Then you can watch above video where is included amazing video on the TSC. Besides, if you want to enjoy this place, then you should visit there.

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